how to choose the most appropriate and comfy travel cot for you

Finding the most suitable portable bed, We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using a travel cot, as well as the average price and crucial features that are intended to keep your baby secure and comfortable. Finding the Best Portable Crib for Your Baby, How to choose the best portable crib for your newborn, infant, or toddler, and what you need to know about travel cot safety, While searching for the best travel cot for your needs, make sure the mattress is safe, choose a material that can be cleaned in the washing machine, and consider a convertible crib. We’ll go through some of the best options for portable cribs and emphasize the features that we think are most important for traveling families.

Just what is a travel cot?

A folding travel cot fits in a bag or car trunk. Most portable cribs include a mesh-sided plastic or metal frame and a lightweight foam mattress. Wheeled or castors-mounted ones move. Portable beds might be cribs or playpens.

A portable cot may be necessary if you often visit cot-free families or want to travel with your baby.

How long do you plan to use it?

Choose a travel cot depending on its lifespan. Some pages may use travel cots.

Travel bassinets are used from birth but outgrown fast. For nighttime sleeping, the Mamas & Papas Mylo may be utilized like a Moses basket. When purchasing an overnight mattress, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most travel cots include a bassinet insert. The mattress hangs waist-high from the cot base. Bassinette inserts work from birth until 3 months.

Check cot sizes for older babies and toddlers. Sizes vary. Portable cots last 3–18 months yet are easy to store. 3–5-year-olds may utilize the Bushbaby Nestegg Pop-up Travel Cot. Most pop-up cots, like the Samsonite Pop-up Bubble Cot, are great for camping but only last 6–18 months due to their size.

Check the travel cot’s height, length, and comfort before buying. Stop using the crib if your child can tip it.

Do you need to carry it?

  • While traveling by airline or train, one of you will need to carry the travel cot. Choose a lightweight travel cot as some weigh up to 10 kg (around 2.5kg). Find a foldable, shoulder-portable cot.
  • Some sleeping mats include rolling carry cases for portability.
  • The only other issue is how much luggage you have if you want to place the travel cot in the trunk. Ask to measure the folded cot before purchase.

Want to use it for more than sleep?

  • In unbaby-proofed homes, a bigger travel cot that transforms to a playpen is essential.
  • A changing pad that clamps onto the top of certain portable cribs is easy to clean.
  • UV-protected curtains turn certain foldable mattresses into beach umbrellas.

Do you need rapid set-up?

If you typically arrive late at night or need to confine your child immediately, put up the portable cot quickly (think dangerous camping or hotel room). See how easy the portable cot is to set up at the shop. The Samsonite Pop-Up Bubble Cot, Koo-di Pop-Up Bubble Cot, or Koo-di Travel Bassinette are wonderful options for newborns. After a journey, a non-collapsible travel cot is the biggest issue. Before leaving, practice collapsing the cot in several ways to decrease packing anxiety.

Do you intend to relocate it?

Moving your travel cot around easily and swiftly is a major help if you’re staying in a hotel with other people or if you just need some more space during the day.

Travel cots are a kind of collapsible bed that often has wheels or castors for portability. A four-wheeled cot should have two lockable wheels to prevent the bed from accidentally rolling away. A cot’s mobility is greatly enhanced by its four legs: two wheels and two normal legs.

Do you need it to keep insects out?

If you’ll be using your travel cot in a tropical setting or one with plenty of insects, look for one with a zipped or zippable cover. Most travel cots have fabric mesh sides that will keep some bugs out, but an open-topped cot isn’t sufficient if insects, particularly mosquitoes, are a problem in the area. Adding a top or sides that zip up could be all that’s needed to fix this problem. Investing in a mosquito net is another option.

Need something that wipes clean quickly?

Because regular use, air travel, and stowing it in the back of the car are likely to leave it looking a little ragged, choose a travel cot with removable machine-washable covers, or a wipe-clean fabric.

Darker colors are less likely to reveal dirt and wear from a small kid or a baggage handler, thus they are the better choice.

Are you in need of a bed?

Most travel cots come with thin, stiff mattresses; if you want something more comfortable, you may want to consider acquiring an additional mattress. As you’ll need to travel it, ease of folding or storage should be a top priority. Airing and drying your mattress regularly is suggested for all travel cot mattresses, even though most may be wiped clean.

Do you want to buy second-hand? (Want to go the used route)

If you’re just going to use the cot occasionally, buying a secondhand one might be a decent idea. There are, however, a few factors to bear in mind before finalizing any kind of deal:

  • All vehicle on the road today, no matter how old it is, should adhere to BSI’s safety standard BS EN 716:1 2008. If the bed’s serial number is illegible, you shouldn’t buy it.
  • Sellers may either hand out paper copies of the instructions or have customers print their own (most manufacturers publish them as a PDF). Detailed instructions may be found on the bottom of certain beds.
  • Ask for a demonstration if you don’t know how to fold and unfold the cot. The cot’s ability to lock in either the elevated or lowered position might ultimately break.
  • Check the mattress from head to toe. A mattress that is resistant to moisture is required.
  • Ask to see the mattress unfurled and folded to ensure a good fit with the cot. There can be no margin of vacant space on the outside. The mattress must be elevated by at least 50cm above the cot’s top rail.
  • Verify if the frame is in good shape. Check the metal frame for any sharp corners or edges.
  • Carrying a travel cot might be a hassle if you don’t have the necessary packing gear.

Long-Distance Travel Cribs: A Curated Shopping Guide for 2023

You’ve booked your flight and hotel, and now it’s time to choose an appropriate travel cot for your newborn. These are the best three choices for a lightweight travel crib for a newborn.

The following solutions are guaranteed to fulfill or exceed all applicable CPSC and ASTM safety requirements. This section is for any parents looking to buy a collapsible cot.

FAQs:  How To Choose The Most Appropriate and Comfy Travel Cot For You

What makes a good travel cot?

Look for a model with breathable fabrics made to correct safety standards. Accessories: Extra accessories are always a bonus, especially when you’re away from the comforts of home. Your travel cot may come with a bassinet insert, a carry bag, or a mosquito net.

Are travel cots suitable for everyday use?

Can my child sleep in a travel cot long-term? Travel cots are perfect for your baby to nap in or sleep in for a few nights on a trip away. In general, though, they are not as safe and suitable for your baby to sleep in long-term because they are not as sturdy as a regular cot and the mattresses tend to be thinner.

How can I make my carry cot more comfortable?

I put a folded-up duvet under the mattress. It adds a softer layer under the mattress which seems to help the mattress feel more comfortable. I also put blankets underneath the ‘mattress’ that came with it (which is ridiculously hard) and then I put her mattress on top of that.


How to choose a comfortable and practical travel cot, For your child’s comfort and safety while you are away from home, it is crucial that you choose the appropriate travel cot. While shopping for a travel cot, it’s important to think about dimensions, weight, features, and simplicity of usage. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to locate a cot that meets your needs and those of your baby.

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