Best Manual Citrus Juicers

Best Manual Citrus Juicers 2022– Reviews & Top Picks

If you’re looking to purchase a new hands-on citrus juicer, you’ve involved the right place. Whether you’re a juicing pro or are aiming to make your initial bottle of homemade lemonade, we have actually obtained all the information you need to find the model that is ideal for you. We have actually constructed a listing of testimonials of several of the best manual juicers of 2022.

If that’s not nearly enough information for you, we’ve likewise included a customer’s overview which is packed loaded with good basic information concerning hands-on citrus juicers. Reading the purchaser’s guide will also give you some understanding into exactly how we developed our evaluations as well as just how one must deal with contrasting and also purchasing different juicers. It’s not constantly simple to shop online, however we hope that these reviews and also this overview can assist take the stress of your shopping experience.

5 Best Guidebook Citrus Juicer Reviews

Hamilton Beach 932 Handbook Citrus Juicer– Top Select

The Hamilton Coastline 932 Citrus Juicer is our leading pick for manual citrus juice extractors. This model is a commercial-grade machine, which means that if you have a lot of citrus fruit you need juiced, and also you require it done fast, this is the equipment for you. This juicer can pressing your citrus fruits with more than 2000 extra pounds of force, meaning that you obtain about as much juice as is physically possible out of your fruit.

It likewise looks wonderful and also can act as a display screen piece in your kitchen area. It comes with a 4-ounce drip cup that can be relocated under the channel when you’re not gathering juice and also protects against remaining juice from leaking on the counter in between usages. The one drawback to this version is that the squeezing surface is chrome-plated light weight aluminum, which some individuals will like significantly much less than stainless-steel. Overall if you’re seeking a hands-on juicer that is a workhorse, however can likewise function as a screen piece, this is the juicer for you.

New Celebrity Manual Citrus Juicer Press– The Runner-Up

The New Celebrity Foodservice 46878 is a long lasting, effective hands-on juicer. It’s made largely from cast iron and stainless-steel, which says great aspects of its toughness and its capability to take on misuse. Moreover, many individuals prefer cast iron or stainless-steel for the surface areas that touch the food, rather than covered metal or light weight aluminum. This model additionally comes with suction feet that make sure its incredible pressing power doesn’t create it to glide around, or off, the counter top.

Unlike a lot of juicers, the juicing components are dishwasher risk-free, which makes clean-up easy and also maintains the juice’s taste pure. The one drawback to this model is that the maker made use of inexpensive screws and also attaching components that aren’t steel or iron, so this model does have some vulnerable points, as well as when it damages, it has a tendency to damage at those spots. In general, this low quality control is what maintains this model from slipping by the top one on our list.

Zulay Handbook Steel Squeezer Citrus Juicer– Ideal for the Money

The Zulay Kitchen Area Metal Squeezer — Best Manual Citrus Juicers is our pick for ideal worth. It’s far more economical than both previous entrances in our listing, and that’s due in big part that we’re moving out of the low-end of commercial cooking area products, and into the house classifications. The bright side is that this juicer includes a strong metal building and construction as well as is completely dishwasher-safe.

As a tiny manual juicer, this model is not mosting likely to have the ability to juice the biggest oranges as well as grapefruits, instead, peaking with medium-sized citrus fruits. As well as, while this model can be found in one of four bright shades, they have a habit of damaging or fading with time, leaving the squeezer much less appealing of a gadget in time. Nonetheless, you can not beat the rate, as well as if you require to juice some citrus fruits but not dozens at once, this is the device for you.

Gemco 12-Ounce Manually-operated Citrus Juicer

The Gemco 12-Ounce 5078573 — Best Manual Citrus Juicers is a juicer that is better theoretically than in practice. The best feature of this model is that it is entirely dish washer risk-free, which implies it’s easy to tidy up when you’re done juicing. Nevertheless, it’s unclear how much you’ll wish to use this version as it doesn’t make juicing very easy or do an excellent work. You must by hand press your fruits versus the mill, something that you won’t relate to the first three designs on the checklist. You’re mosting likely to need to use a great deal more pressure to obtain the same results.

The juicer itself is plastic, though the jar is glass. The plastic components do not show up tough, which recommends that you can’t expect a lengthy life out of this design. Also worse, the smallest seeds slip through and end up in your juice, which indicates you should fish them out later on by hand, which is a discomfort in the butt. While this is a cheap version, you can improve value for regarding the very same price on a various model.

OVOS Citrus Squeezer

The OVOS OV-BXGNMJ-US — Best Manual Citrus Juicers claims to feature a stainless-steel body. After usage, that seems like it might be a suspicious claim. If it is made from stainless steel, that’s a good thing. Many individuals choose that over various other sort of metal for their kitchen area utensils. Nevertheless, this model has numerous layout imperfections, the very first of which is the reality that it has joints that juice can get inside. You’re going to need to take special care to leave it out to completely dry in between uses.

It additionally has massive problems with durability. The joint, in particular, is a vulnerable point responsible for mostly all breaks that occur with this tool. And, you can not expect it to last long whatsoever. Occasionally it breaks on the really initial attempt! Also if your hinge stands up, there still a possibility that the entire juicer flaws under the stress of juicing, which is why one might suspect it’s not stainless-steel. Certain, this juicer is inexpensive. But you’re mosting likely to want one that lasts for more than a couple of juicing sessions.

Customer’s Guide

We really hope that our evaluations have helped you get some understanding into different hands-on juicer designs; and has assisted you get a feel for what produces a good juicer and also what makes some designs not-so-good. If you’re looking to get a much deeper understanding of juicers; or still aren’t sure which design is appropriate for you, then take a look at this buyer’s overview.


One of one of the most vital points to take into consideration when you’re picking a hand-operated citrus juicer is the amount of fruits; you’ll be aiming to juice at once. The commercial-style juicers are developed to do a lot at the same time. So if you’re wanting to make a pitcher of fresh lemonade consistently, after that you’ll possibly desire among those versions. They can squeeze much more lemons in the exact same amount of time, and also they get a higher portion of the juice out; so you’ll get to the quantity you need far more quickly too.

The commercial-style manual juicers are best for individuals that are mosting likely to be doing high-volume juicing frequently. If that’s not you, after that you’re going to lose some worth if you buy one; however do not use everything that typically. While they can be nice as well as make points extra quick, they cost a whole lot contrasted to other versions; as well as if you’re not utilizing them all that often. They’re simply mosting likely to use up counter room. They’re likewise relatively large, so there’s no guarantee; that you’ll be able to put them under the counter for lasting storage.

On the various other hand, if you’re only juicing occasionally, or juicing in reduced volumes; you may be better off with a non-commercial model. They’re slower and also less efficient, however easier to keep between uses and considerably cheaper. If you’re mosting likely to be periodically juicing in percentages, for instance, to produce fresh lemon juice for cooking; then obtaining a commercial-grade juicer will be a waste of cash.

Alleviate of use

The commercial-style juicers are mosting likely to be a little bit extra complicated than those meant for use at home. Not by a lot, yet they do have moving components; and with moving parts comes a greater danger of something splitting, or coming loose, or obtaining stuck; and also it might take a little focus from time-to-time on your component to get it working properly again.

If you don’t intend to handle that problem whatsoever; then you should look into one of the residence models, which have few or no moving parts and also are very straightforward.

Nevertheless, if you have arthritis, other discomforts in your hands, or basic hand weak point. You will probably be offered better with a commercial model; as they don’t call for the same force to operate. The residence models may be closer to what you require pertaining to juicing capacities. But you’re mosting likely to desire a model that you can utilize conveniently and pain-free, as well as regrettably; that’s mosting likely to cost you a little a premium yet give the best general experience.

You’ll likewise intend to seek dishwasher-safe parts. This feature is an excellent tiebreaker for use in between 2 designs. If one has dishwasher-safe components, then it’s far better than the equivalent model without. You can save a ton of time as well as don’t need to bother with quickly cleansing your hand-operated juicer; if you obtain one that can enter the dish washer.

Which juicer is ideal for you?

It’s not always clear which design is best for you, which’s fine. An additional valuable means to consider buying a juicer is to start with your demands. Just how much fruit will you be juicing simultaneously? Do you need to be able to clean the juicer in the dishwasher? Beginning with your requirements rather than just trying to see what’s readily available.

Once you have actually compiled a list of your requirements, the work comes to be a great deal less complicated. Just discover the model that ideal matches your checklist. That means that you’ve located the version that supplies the most effective worth. You’ll get all or a lot of the features you want without throwing away any type of cash on functions; that you won’t end up making use of.


The Hamilton Coastline 932 Citrus Juicer — Best Manual Citrus Juicers is our top pick for manual juicers; as it includes commercial-grade looks; as well as commercial-grade high quality and also convenience of use to match. The New Celebrity Foodservice 46878 is long lasting; and also features suction feet however features quality assurance concerns that can lead to doom for your system. The Zulay Kitchen Steel Squeezer is our choice for finest worth due to its low cost and dishwasher-friendly building. The Gemco 12-Ounce 5078573 does not bring the convenience of use you get on various other models; and it also lets seeds right into the juice, which makes it much more of a pain to utilize. The OVOS OV-BXGNMJ-US deals with major quality assurance problems that make it bad value, even for its low price.

Note: we also have a checklist of our 5 favorite Hamilton Coastline juicers that you could review.

Ideally, atlantico-online’s testimonials have actually helped you see what makes a great hands-on juicer tick. Equipped with this knowledge you must be able to find the design that will keep you happily juicing long right into the future.