best ideas for an epic baby shower

Want to impress with your baby shower gift choices? Chances are, everybody else is opting for a cute onesie or baby blanket, so these Best Ideas for an Epic Baby Shower will out for all the right reasons. From gorgeous and sophisticated diaper bags to adorable teething mittens and toys, you’ll definitely find something they’ll all love.

Let’s see our list

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System


Don’t like the sound of jarred baby food? Meet Baby Bullet, a baby food blender. This parent must-have gadget whizzes up your baby’s food in no time at all; not only that but this bundle also comes with storage cups with useful date dials and silicone trays that are handy for popping out frozen meals.

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Boss Tote Diaper Bag

Sophistication tends to just get thrown out the window once you’ve had a baby, but not with this Boss Tote Diaper Bag. This vegan leather bag set just oozes class and organization and with all of the extra handy features, it’s perfect for moms who are always on the go from meetings to baby groups.


Baby on the Way Scratch Calendar


Looking for something sweet for a baby shower gift? Then take a look at this lovely Baby on the Way Scratch Calendar. If you’ve had a baby, you’ll already know the struggle of waiting a whole 9 months to meet your newborn, however with these interesting facts about your growing baby, it’ll soon pass.


Personalized Baby Pillow


If the new mom has already announced the baby’s name then this will make a wonderful gift, for sure. These super soft pillows are handmade and custom made with baby’s name, and you can also choose the color thread to either represent gender or maybe even match the nursery.


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Baby Keepsake Box


Treasure all those precious memories and keep them forever with this gorgeous Baby Keepsake Box. The vertical file box contains little compartments for you to store heartwarming items in like baby’s first shoes, first locks, letters to baby, first tooth, baby shower mementos and more. Plus, it can even be personalized with baby’s initial.


Owls and Stars Mobile


Give the gift of an easy, full night’s sleep with this super sweet Owls and Stars Mobile. We all know how difficult it can be to coax little ones to sleep but with this handmade night sky themed mobile, it will be a breeze, for sure…zzzz.


Super Nerdy ABC Blocks


For the geekier of parents, they’re sure to get a kick out of these Super Nerdy ABC Blocks. On each block is a letter of the alphabet as well as fun science terms for wonders of our universe from Atom to Zeolite. Every block is just as colorful, bright and engaging as the other.


Personalized Mountain Growth Chart


Instead of marking your children’s heights on the wall, go for this lovely and modern Personalized Mountain Growth Chart, instead. No one else at the party would have thought of one of these wonderful charts, so you can rest assured you’re spending your hard earned cash wisely.


Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set


With all natural, eco-friendly ingredients in this Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set, you can breathe a little easier knowing these essential baby skin and hair care products contain no nasties or worrying chemicals, just pure goodness that’ll help care and protect the little one’s delicate skin.


Ice Cream Rattles

Aren’t these Ice Cream Rattles just the sweetest things you’ve ever seen? With a set of 3 cute crocheted rattles, they’ll soon become a firm toy box favorite, or they could also be used as decorations in a girl’s nursery, as let’s face it, they are simply adorable.


Elephant Finger Puppet Blankie

Once the baby starts laughing, they won’t be able to stop, especially with this precious Elephant Finger Puppet Blankie. Watching the cuddly elephant wiggle away in front of their eyes will be enough to get them happily giggling away and once playtime is over, they can have warm cuddles together, too.


Letters to My Baby


No new parent could resist filling in these uber lovely Letters to My Baby. These 12 letters give prompts to help you write everything you’re feeling, and hopes and dreams you wish for them to have and experience, for you to stamp and put away ready to give them when they’re older.


Anywhere Chair Harness


Looking to give a useful baby shower gift? Well, you can’t get more useful than this nifty Anywhere Chair Harness. It’s frustrating going to places and finding they don’t have a highchair or baby-appropriate seat you can use for your baby, but with this clever item, you can now plop them almost anywhere.


Baby Monthly Necktie Onesie Stickers


We’ve all come across the lovely monthly milestone cards, but have you seen these unique Monthly Necktie Onesie stickers? They’re perfect for those expecting a boy; not only do they celebrate monthly milestones but the express joy at their first smile and other fabulous achievements.


Baby Wrap Carrier by KeaBabies


Baby slings are for sure a must-have, especially for those special first months, since all baby wants and needs is to be close to Mom or Dad. This can be hard for parents, but with one of these slings, at least they’ll have their hands free to eat and get some work done, phew.


Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket


For those that are snap-happy, they’re for sure going to love this simply adorable Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket. New parents will definitely enjoy capturing their baby growing month by month on this pretty blanket, whether it’s to upload onto social media or frame, it’ll definitely be something worth looking back on in the future.


Curious Otter Bucket Bib


This super sweet Curious Otter Bib is great for both boys or girls, or even both if they’re expecting twins! These clever bibs make meal-time clean up a breeze – simply tip out the fallen crumbs and spills, wipe it down and voila! All clean. Who said this parenting malarkey was difficult?


Fullkang Pilot Aviator Crochet Caps

It’s essential babies stay nice and warm, even more so in those colder months, and what cuter way to do it than with this Fullkang Aviator Crochet Cap? Baby will look ever so scrumptious in one of these but most importantly, it’ll help them stay toasty and snug all year round.


Crazybee Snuggle This Muggle Rompers

How could you resist this little one’s demands when they’re wearing something just SO irresistible? This makes a perfect gift for ‘expecting-patronum’ Harry Potter fans. The romper says “snuggle this muggle” and how could anyone not? It also comes with Gryffindor themed colored pants and cap, for a complete Hogwarts-worthy outfit.


Johnson’s Sleepy Time Baby Gift Set

Johnson’s bedtime range are some of the most well-known products used to guarantee a deep sleep from your babes, which is why this Sleepy Time Baby Gift Set is definitely a must-have new baby gift. It comes with 4 items that will definitely help calm baby down for a full night’s sleep.


Fuel Baby Bottle

It can be difficult planning days out around your babies feeds, naps, etc but with Fuel Baby Bottle, things just got MUCH easier for all parents. With Fuel, you store the measured amount of formula at the bottom of the bottle and once baby is hungry, you simply mix it in with the water – genius!


Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

This baby shower gift not only spoils baby but gives the new mom a well-earned treat, too. With this fabulous Aveeno Baby set you’re given 4 products that are designed to soothe, clean and moisturize baby’s skin, whilst moms also get 2 luxury-feeling moisturizers with one even containing SPF to care for skin.


Triceratop Booties

These ad-roar-able Triceratop Booties will make a great gift to welcome a baby boy into the world. These booties are handmade in Kyrgyzstan using natural wool that is dyed, spun and felted – that’s before they end up bootie-shaped so you know LOTS of love, care, and hard work has gone into these.


Teething Mitt

Teething is something that affects every baby, so a gift to help them combat their sore gums is always a winner. However, some babies start suffering well before they learn how to grasp and hold so you can understand just how helpful and clever these Teething Mitts are.

Baby Hooded Towel Upsimples Unicorn Baby Towel

Is the new mom expecting a precious baby girl? You already know she’s going to be inundated with beautiful outfits and clothing, so why not go for a Hooded Baby Towel instead – this adorable unicorn towel not only looks SUPER cute, but it’s practical too, so you know it’s going to get its use.


Closet Complete Baby Velvet Hangers

If the expecting couple live in an apartment and don’t have much storage space, or you just know they’re going to go crazy shopping for adorable baby clothes, give them a helping hand with these Closet Complete Velvet Baby Hangers. The box comes with 25 hangers that are designed to maximize closet space.


Foodie Rattles

These uber fun Foodie Rattles will certainly give all the shower guests something to ‘taco’ bout! These funny handmade rattles are made from wood and natural wool, so you can rest assured they are perfectly safe for baby to play with and most probably gum on. Plus they’d also make cute photo props, wouldn’t they?


Orangeskycn Baby Crib Shoes

Girls and boys will both look equally as charming in these Orangeskycn Baby Crib Shoes. These crib shoes are made with the fluffiest, comfiest plush material, making them the absolute best shoes for keeping their little toes snug and warm in the cold winter months.


Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set

Have their teeth stay pearly white and squeaky clean with this genius Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set. With this set, you get 4 fun finger puppet brushes which are the perfect size for tiny mouths and fingers once they’re old enough to try it themselves, plus a book to gently coax them.


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