What Should You Put in your Bear Bag

Camping in the outdoors is a fun method to take pleasure in nature. Nonetheless, having a curious bear lumbering through the camping area can cause some unwanted problems, so the following article gives you advice about What Should You Put in your Bear Bag

What do you put in your bear bag – other than food (if anything)? When I’m playing “adventurer”, I always hang my food in an OPSAK within a mesh bag and sling it over a tree limb at least 10 ft off the ground. My question is, do you put anything else in the bag such as medicines, soap, deodorant, or anything with an inherent scent?

If not, is it because you think it is unnecessary, because you think bears and other animals won’t be attracted to it, or because you have faith in the claims of scent-blocking abilities for items which you have in an OPSAK or similar derivative?

what should you put in your bear bag

What Should You Put in a Bear Bag?


Spices & Condiments: Whether in a jar, bag, or container, bears can smell products that include mustard, hot sauce, garlic, as well as also salt and pepper.

Old Packaging/Wrappers: After you have taken in food, deposit and scent still linger on the wrapper or packaging, so store these trash things as well as any kind of made use of Tupperware out of reach.

Animal Food: If you bring your hairy friend along, save their food, because opportunities are the bear will certainly enjoy this too.

Packaged Goods: With its eager nose, a bear can smell your snacks, opened or unopened, so put candy, granola bars, chips, tortillas.

Meat & Veggies: Both frozen and also unfrozen meats, prepared or raw, are really attractive to bears and ought to be kept chilly in the bear bag.

Cooking Oil: Oils can conveniently get on the outside of the container as well as draw in bears, so put cooking oil in a sealable bag


Juice, Sport Drinks, & Soft drink: The sweet web content of these drinks makes them really eye-catching to a bear, so make certain that they are secured as well as keep them in the bear bag over night.

Vacant Containers: Vacant containers that have actually had any sticky, fruity, or other liquid materials besides water in them over your trip should be stored in the bear bag for extra step.

A curious bear can additionally easily smell of these items as well as involve sign up with the event.


Cream & Perfumes: Your flowery lotions and also fragrances scent good to both you and also the bear, so it is a good idea to not use these things before jumping in the tent and store them up high in your bear bag. Also unscented creams can bring in critters, as their noses are stronger than the typical human’s.

Toothpaste & Tooth brush: Bears enjoy minty toothpaste. After you comb your teeth in the evening, store the paste and also brush to make sure that you do not find yourself without these essentials therefore that no harm pertains to the bear.

Antiperspirant & Soap: Like cream, these hygienic items scent great to a bear, as well as though the animal will quickly recognize that this is not food, the odor will still attract them to your camping tent as well as campsite.

Sunscreen & Creams: The strong smell of sunscreens and also lotions or creams can be smelled from a far away, drawing in interested bears.

Bug Spray: This may not smell great to a bear, however it signals them that people remain in the area. Their curiosity as well as need for food might lead them to find you from the smell of potent bug sprays.

Cosmetics: Though you might not assume mascaras, blush, eyeshadow, as well as various other make-up have a scent, a bear can smell these products extremely conveniently, drawing them to your camping tent.

Various other Things

Pots, Pans, & Flatware: When camping, it can be difficult to flawlessly cleanse these items, leaving oils and food residue on them. Also the smallest scraps or bit of oil can attract bears to your kitchenware. If you have a bigger food preparation oven, just make certain to clean it as well as shut it up. Bears typically leave it alone.

Fuel: Gas used for cooking can release a smell from the gas itself or accumulate grease as well as the odor of food as a result of the close closeness to your cooking station.

Bloody Things: Anything with blood on it, consisting of feminine items, fishing equipment, bloody clothing, used plasters, as well as others, must be maintained in the bag, particularly in areas with grizzly bears.

Bloody Things: Anything with blood on it, consisting of feminine items, fishing equipment, bloody clothing, used plasters, as well as others, must be maintained in the bag, particularly in areas with grizzly bears.

Smelly Garments: Throughout your day in the outdoors, your clothes may collect several smells that can be eye-catching to bears, such as food scents from cooking, food fragments, creams, deodorant, sunscreen, bug spray, as well as much more. Throw these in the bag simply to be secure.

With their amazing nose, bears can smell not only the food you bring camping, yet other things, such as toiletries, dirty apparel, cooking materials, as well as various other commonly ignored products. Aid bear proof your camping site by saving these things in a bear bag for the sake of your things, your safety, and the wellness of the wildlife.


I do a lot of solo backpacking and the last thing I need in the middle of the night is a visit by an animal. Other than food, I carry Dr. Bonner’s soap and several medicines which have a scent to them. Although I store them in an OPSAK, I still error on the side of caution and put them in the bear bag 100 feet from my site and in a tree. My concern is that one of these days, assuming a storm breaks the limb of the tree or an animal has a high-altitude engineering degree, I’m going to lose the contents of the bear bag. It may seem trivial, but being without food on a long trek, or in my case, daily necessary medication, could be a pretty significant problem.

It’s all about What Should You Put in your Bear Bag, wish you a happy and happy picnic. Visit our website for more great readings.

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