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The Best Most Unique Christmas Gifts in 2020

Most Unique Christmas Gifts is customizable with your choice of names and is the perfect gift for newlyweds or anyone else that is celebrating their love. It is called the intersection of love, and it is a lot of fun to see your name in a piece of art.


Support Our Troops T-Shirt

This is a great idea for any Star Wars fan, and it makes you think we’re living in some alternate universe where Stormtroopers are the troops we need to support. Busted Tees has a ton of other unique shirts for a one of a kind gift.


Wish Lanterns

There’s 50 lanterns in this pack, which makes for one beautiful wish party. Everyone gets a chance to wish for what they want for the New Year, and it looks absolutely amazing when all of the lanterns are floating up and up and up.


Learn to Fly Experience

You really can’t put a price on an experience like this one, where you go into a plane and actually start to learn to fly it. This is the sort of gift that is as unique as can be, because no two experiences will be the same, and it’s something that they’ll never forget.


Musical Wine Glasses

These wine glasses have lines etched into them so that you can fill them to a certain height and they’ll play the note that is displayed on the glass. This allows you to play simple tunes, or to play something a little more complicated if you get the gumption and enough glasses.


Sir Francis Bacon Sampler Pack

When they love bacon you can’t go wrong with a sampler pack that features plenty of bacony delights. This is going to put a satisfied smile on their face, but don’t be surprised when they want more and there’s none to be had because it’s just a sampler.

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Bose SoundTrue Headphones

These headphones come from Bose, a name that is synonymous with quality audio gear. They are supposed to make your music sound better, and the feedback from those that have tried it supports that claim. Give them the gift of better sound with these headphones.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You can’t beat a breakfast sandwich for a nutritious and satisfying start to your day, but they can be a bit tedious to make. This sandwich maker takes the hassle out of it, and you simply add the corresponding sandwich sections to the maker and it goes to work.


Namaste Monk

This monk will get you into the nirvana sort of mood each time you see him. Makes a great addition to your entryway so that he can greet you when you get home and send you off with the right frame of mind. Definitely not something they’ll expect, but they’ll appreciate it.


Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch

Here’s the perfect gift for a bed partner that wakes you up with their alarm each morning. It’s a silent alarm that will wake them up without disturbing you by vibrating on their wrist. It attaches to the wrist so that it can’t fall off during the night so it’s reliable.


Gourmet Gift Basket

Give them a gourmet gift basket and they’ll be thanking you for weeks and weeks afterward. It’s a gift that they probably haven’t received before, and it will inundate them with tasty treats that are high quality. Pick the one that’s best suited to their tastes.


Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

If you love going to Cold Stone you’ll love having this set at home so you can make your own ice cream with add-ins. Features a marble slab so that the ice cream doesn’t melt as you mix in your favorite candy bars and other sweet things.


Felted Wool Stones

Bring a bit of the outdoors indoors with these stones that aren’t stones at all. They’re actually cushions that resemble stones but are made out of wool. They are soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, and can help accentuate a range of different decors.


3D Effect Buddha Wall Decal

When you want to give the effect that you have shelves on your walls without the time and expense of changing the structure of your walls, these decals can help. They give the impression that you have items stored in your walls, when actually you don’t.

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Natural Sound Soother With Mood Light

This device is designed to help soothe you to sleep and improve your mood using natural sounds and lighting. This can help to improve the quality of your sleep, and also reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep. A thoughtful gift for anyone struggling with their sleep.


Tea from Around the World Set

Take them around the world without having to leave the house. These teas have been gathered from some of the best tea producing places in the world. They can sit and savor the flavor without having to renew their passport.


Authentic Pac-Man Arcade Game

Blow their mind when they open this oversized gift. It’s an authentic Pac-Man arcade game just like the one from the 80’s that claimed so many quarters. They can play for hours now and can save up their quarters for more productive purchases. this might be gifts for 18 year old boys love to play games


Adjustable Height Desk

This desk will help them split their work time between sitting and standing, reducing fatigue and helping to improve circulation. The desk adjust heights so they can stand have their workstation rise with them to just the right height to stay comfortable.


Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Give the gift of caffeine and they’re sure to thank you, especially if they’re big time coffee lovers. This little makers produces drinks that rival the kind you’ll pay steep prices for at ritzy coffee shops. Makes both espressos and cappuccinos so they’ll be able to make what they like.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This kit shows you how to make amazing food that doesn’t just taste amazing, but looks interesting as well. It’s kind of a cross between cooking and doing a science experiment, but the results are edible and sure to please. Perfect for anyone that watches cooking shows.


Lucky Elephant

Give them the gift of luck with this Lucky Elephant. It’s a cute sculpture that they can place indoors or in a garden, and is meant to bring luck upon all that see it. If they are into astrology and symbolism they’ll love to receive a gift like this.


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

This is like giving them peace of mind because if they ever run into roadside trouble with their tires they’ll be able to inflate them until they can get to their destination or a tire repair place. It’s cordless and works without having to pump anything.


Olive Plant Topiary

The olive plant is a plant that is noteworthy because it produces olives, which in turn are used to make olive oil, one of the healthier oils to consume. The tree itself is rather resilient, and when you give this as a gift you will be giving them a plant that will last and last.


Personalized Washington Post Book

This book is made up of headlines and front pages from The Washington Post from the year that someone was born, or an anniversary year. It helps to capture the zeitgeist of that time, and can be something that they look back on to see what times were like back then.


Avitron Remote Controlled Flying Bird

It’s a lot of fun to pilot this bird, and it does its best to look as realistic as possible, even while flying. Great for any bird or RC enthusiast, this will be a much different sensation than trying to fly an RC plane or helicopter.

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Another Opens Paperweight

A great way to remember that when one door closes, another opens. It helps to keep you optimistic, and when placed on a desk can instantly bring you back to calm if you were feeling disappointed, angry or frustrated that something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.


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