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7 Ideal Bass Guitar for Beginners– Getting Started With The Bass

Finding out to the Best Bass Guitar for Beginners can be both interesting and also a little difficult. Despite your present ability degree, playing bass requires an entirely different strategy to an electric guitar. For example, the bass is played in a much deeper register, has a longer neck, thicker strings, is had fun with various methods, and has a certain duty in a band situation.

While we aren’t right here to show you how to play, we can assist with one of the primary problems that beginners have at the start of their trip– choosing their initial bass guitar.

There are just so many designs on the marketplace, with different attributes and also elements offered. Frustrating is an exaggeration!

The following chart highlights a handful of the premier bass guitars for novices. By the time you’re done analysis, you need to have enough info to choose a bass that fits you like a handwear cover!

Top 7 Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

Sterling by Songs Male S.U.B. Collection Ray4

Songs Male bass guitars have actually constantly been an authority in top rate section of the market. Aside from their outstanding performance and quality, Songs Male tools are also understood for their attractive exclusive rate. Sterling is a company that has a relationship with Music Man which resembles that between Squier and also Fender.

Sterling by Music Guy S.U.B. Collection Ray4 is an inexpensive version of the original Sting Ray collection, as well as the audio you get is among the better in its corresponding section. The tone is difficult striking as well as rich in terms of outcome power. You can dial in a variety of tone styles thanks to a functional energetic humbucker and also a two-band EQ that includes it.

As a Best Bass Guitar for Beginners , you can count on Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Collection Ray4 to satisfy all of your needs as you proceed from novice to innovative gamer. Also after that, you will barely locate it to be restricting. While it is a bit extra costly, Sterling by Music Guy S.U.B. Collection Ray4 deserves the investment.

Schecter Omen 4

Schecter has actually proven to be one of the most trusted brands when it involves obtaining efficiency on a budget plan. Usually, all of their versions punch over their weight class somehow. Schecter Omen 4 is one of their versions which reveals you flawlessly what we indicated with that statement.

While several will certainly inform you it’s created steel, which definitely isn’t a lie, this version’s spectrum of abilities is much wider than that. Contrasted to various other Schecters, Prophecy 4 looks pretty neutral as well as nonaggressive. It features an active collection of pick-ups, a terrific two band EQ area, and a look that puts lots of other basses in this segment to pity.

The tone it uses is pretty flexible. With 2 warm humbuckers, you can get that sharpness for accuracy work, while at the same time having the ability to muddy up the waters with a good, fat tone. As a starter, this is the kind that will offer you well for a very long time.

Jackson Collection Spectra JS2

An additional strong choice on this list is the new JS2 bass from Jackson Guitars– component of the brand name’s Spectra Series, launched in very early 2019. Aimed mainly at entry-level players, this flexible bass looks equally a champion.

The new offset body design makes this bass appearance cool and really feel sleek, while the materials keep the cost down. The P/J pickup setups provide the anticipated adaptability and also experience, while an added bass boost control provides it a side over some rivals.

This bass appears to be a declaration of intent from Jackson Guitars. The respected producer certainly isn’t reducing and also– if this signifies things to find– we can not wait. Check out our full Jackson Series Spectra JS2 evaluation for all the information.

Yamaha TRBX174EW

The TRBX174EW sits at the lower end of Yamaha’s preferred TRBX bass collection, however this makes it the perfect possibility for newbies. The bass has an unique look, many thanks to an appealing layer of unique mango wood on the top.

The mass of the body is made from mahogany, which is quite light as well as well-contoured for a comfy feeling whether standing or sitting. There’s an easy-playing bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a full 24 worries.

As we mention in our complete testimonial of the TRBX174EW it includes both a split Precision-style single-coil and also a Jazz-style single-coil, with tone and quantity controls, forever convenience. For a mass-produced bass it is certainly punching above its weight when it comes to craftsmanship.

Ibanez GSRM20

Next off, we intend to reveal you is an extremely unique little axe from Ibanez. This is one of their short scale models which have swept the marketplace like a woodland fire. In many methods, this bass is extremely comparable to their GSR200 version, only it features a shorter neck.

What are the advantages of such design? Well, first and foremost, it’s much easier to play, both for novices and those who have smaller sized hands. While it might feel like you’re losing something by having a few inches removed from the range, the fact is that the difference is minimal at finest.

Develop top quality is greater than suitable, sporting a nice mix of Agathis body and also a standard maple neck. equipment is strong as well as holds the tuning just fine, while the pick-ups offer you a respectable series of tones to play with.

Davison Complete Size Electric Bass Starter Pack

We did have to take a little time to determine whether we were wrecking the stability of this list by adding such an affordable bass, yet– after spending a long time with this pack– there was no way we can leave it off!

This extremely wallet-friendly starter pack includes whatever you need to rise as well as running on bass, consisting of a little amplifier, a band, a lead and also a soft job bag. Certainly, taking center stage is the bass itself which is really fundamental but executes well and also gives beginners a good platform on which to learn.

It features one split-coil pickup and also easy controls, while the amp is additionally simple to reach grasps with. There’s even more on this affordable pack in the full evaluation!

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Unique SS

Beginners with small hands will certainly feel at home with this Vintage Changed Jaguar from Squier, which has an easier-to-play 30″ scale size. With three shades to choose from this design sports the timeless Jaguar body, made from agathis, with a bolt-on maple neck, 20 worries and also a rosewood fretboard.

The pick-ups are second best and also aren’t as effective as you might anticipate, but absolutely get the job done– specifically at this economical rate variety. There’s a split single-coil Precision Bass pickup at the middle setting, with a single-coil Jazz Bass pickup at the bridge, regulated by 2 volume handles, as well as a master tone control.

Ensure to have a look at our complete review of this cool Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Unique SS.

Purchaser’s Overview for Your Novice Bass Guitar

Most of the moment, choosing your very first bass is going to be as simple as heading into your neighborhood guitar store, pointing at one, and also claiming ‘that’s the bass for me!’.

Nonetheless, it’s not constantly that uncomplicated. Before making a rash choice and also being left with a bass that’s not optimal for your demands, think about the following factors:


When it concerns a spending plan, there is no optimum quantity you can spend on a bass guitar. Fancy a ’67 Rickenbacker? That will certainly be $23,000 please!

Vintage bass legends aside, you can genuinely spend numerous dollars on your very first bass– but you don’t need to. While everyone is different, our general rule is: spend as long as you can afford. A cheap bass being available in at under $150 will certainly do the job, however if you can manage to stretch into the $200 to $400 variety, you will certainly find a whole lot more selection as well as a better-quality tool in general.

The advantage of discovering on a better-quality tool is that it will typically be extra comfortable to play, which you will certainly have a lot more tone and also power available, enabling you to turn into the tool.

Nonetheless, reviewing the $500 mark as a newbie isn’t needed, up until you accumulate some skill as well as experience. Although if you have an unlimited supply of cash and fancy a $2,000 starter bass, then do not let us stop you!


Knowing exactly how to play a new stringed tool is always mosting likely to be a little unpleasant. Bass takes that discomfort to an entire new level! As it has a much longer scale length than an electrical guitar, you will be learning to stretch and spread your fingers a lot even more than you would have to on a guitar.

While this will certainly take everybody some time to adjust to, in some uncommon situations, a person just won’t have the ability to play conveniently on a typical range bass. The option? Get a short scale model (these are well represented in our novice’s chart).

The shape of the body additionally matters. Some bass guitars are a little bigger than others, while the balance of the tool can be an issue, particularly with more inexpensive designs.

Ultimately, locating a bass guitar that fits for you to play is certainly something worth doing. If you are a smaller individual or looking for a teenager, a short-scale bass can be an excellent move, so maintain it in mind.

Variety of Strings

Bass guitars are typically four stringed instruments, although designs with five and six strings are available and much more popular than ever. Nevertheless, we suggest that you stick with 4 strings at first. As a beginner, that’s complicated sufficient.

As you establish some skills, you can after that move over to a 5-string bass if you wish to discover brand-new designs and broaden your horizons. However, as you simply begin on bass, a design with four strings will suit you just fine (consider somebody like Flea– he’s never ever been restricted at all!).


Bass guitars feature 2 various kinds of electronics– just like electric guitars. You have both passive and also active versions, both with their own benefits as well as imperfections.

Easy pick-ups are more typical on newbie bass guitars. These tend to be less costly to generate, do not require an external power source (like a battery) to function, and are normally a lot more expressive in tone.

On the other hand, energetic pick-ups are much hotter, which indicates they have an extra powerful and also verbalize result, but are extra pricey as well as typically need a battery to run.

As a newbie, the choice of electronic devices is not something you must stress over too much. Easy pickups are just fine until you create a preference for tone. After that you can truly evaluate whether a passive or active configuration functions best for you.

Pick-up Layout.

Cost effective designs often tend ahead in a couple of typical pick-up formats– every one of which are worth acquainting yourself with.

First you have a Precision format, which is possibly the most distinctive kind. It consists of one split-coil pickup at the neck placement. The advantages of this layout consist of a fatter tone, great integrity and an overall reduced cost.

Following is the Jazz format, which is one more popular design. This design includes 2 single-coil pick-ups– one at the bridge and one at the neck. This arrangement supplies extra versatility as well as clearness, yet lacks some roar when contrasted to the Precision design.

Another option is the P/J layout. A P/J design incorporates the benefits of the previous 2 setups, supplying a decent middle of the road option.

Finally, there is a basic double pick-up layout which can include both single-coils or humbuckers, depending on the model you are taking a look at.

Normally, each one of these pick-up configurations is terrific, as well as picking one boils down to personal preference. As somebody who is simply starting, you will not slip up if you go with any one of the four.

What is the Simplest Kind Of Bass Guitar to Play?

We mentioned this earlier, however it’s worth repeating. A 4-string bass is the very best design to discover on. While 5-string as well as 6-string basses are becoming increasingly more preferred, offering gamers in all styles a new method to reveal themselves musically, they add unneeded issue.

A 4-string bass is less complicated to recognize and to play. The necks are narrower as well as for that reason much easier to play (attempt extending around a 6-string bass neck and also you’ll see what we mean!).

Whatever bass you end up on, we always recommend you have it set up properly. This will imply the string activity behaves and also low, which constantly makes the bass easier to play. You can do this on your own (by adhering to how-to videos like the one below) or by taking it to a regional pro.

What Do You Required to Play Bass Guitar?

You have actually bought the bass– fantastic! What else do you require?

An amplifier should be the next thing on your checklist and preferably purchased the exact same time as the bass. And also, an amp is vital if you are obstructing or doing with a band.

Certainly, the amp wattage you require will certainly be identified by why and also where you are doing. See our web page on bass amps for additional information on this. Nevertheless, as a novice, a tiny technique amp (between 10 and also 40-watts) will get the job done for now.

To connect into the amp, you will likewise need a respectable instrument wire, which will help both guitar and bass. You can invest as low as a couple of bucks, yet purpose to acquire something between $10 and also $20, which will certainly provide you a better tone and will last longer.

You may want to acquire a couple of plectrums too.

Finally, it might be worth investing in a cost-effective guitar receiver, which will certainly help you easily tune your bass, along with a suitable case/gig bag to store and transport the tool.

To summarize, below’s our fast bass checklist to obtain you up as well as running.

  • Bass.
  • Amp.
  • Cable.
  • Plectrums (optional).
  • Tuner.
  • Instance.

Needless to say, we have guides covering every one of the stuff above, so check them out for further aid.

Just how much Should You Spend For a Novice Bass Guitar?

It’s a wonderful question as well as one we discussed earlier in this short article. Yet, it’s one without any conclusive response!

Naturally, discovering on a beautiful $5,000 customized bass with a sleek neck as well as high-end pickups will certainly encourage you to take a seat and exercise! But we can not all pay for among these.

A budget bass is a solid choice for all novices, specifically if you are simply evaluating the water. If you aren’t sure if bass is also the right tool for you, why invest more than you need to attempting it out?

Nevertheless, if you feel you are a Geddy Lee planned and also have your future securely fixed on the stage, then prolonging your search to something in the under $300 market wouldn’t injure. This would certainly provide you a strong version with great playability that you won’t outgrow as well quickly.

Should You Get a Used Bass

Buying a made use of instrument is a path that a great deal of novices take. The utilized market can cause an actual deal, yet it also introduces a variety of troubles.

Unless you have an extremely knowledgeable player with you, chances are you will not be able to acknowledge some warnings (suggesting damages or defective electrics) that normally feature made use of instruments. Ideally, see to it to try an utilized instrument via an amp before parting with your money.

Opting for a brand-new bass guitar from a relied on industry gets rid of the threat of damages or damaged electrics, especially when you have a returns plan and also warranty to draw on. The choice is your own, yet take care– for every bargain, there are 5 losers!

The Last Word of Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

If you’re just starting your journey in the Best Bass Guitar for Beginners, then congratulations on making the very first step. You’ll discover it can be an amazing yet complex time, specifically with the number of bass guitars on the marketplace. As well as the number of details tossed at you (sorry– we attempted to maintain it short!).

The models we have actually featured in our graph above are unquestionably some of the best economical novice versions on the market today. As well as we really hope the coming with short guide has equipped you with the appropriate advice to enable you to make an educated decision.

If after reading our article, if you find bass guitar is still too difficult for you, then learn through trying mandolin vs ukulele – simpler and easier to use.

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